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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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our day planner when we're having light rain this morning pulling instead iter rain later on this afternoon. i think the best opportunity for thunderstorms starting around the noon time hour and continues all the way into this evening. mike, andrea? >> thanks, and here is what's making news this morning. comic actor and philanthropist robin williams died of an apparent suicide . his body was found yesterday inside his california home. his agent says he was battling severe depression. the u.s. military is delivering more aid to soldiers battling milli tans in northern iraq. the fighting comes as political turmoil unfolds in baghdad. our ex-president nominated a new prime minister. a spanish missionary priest who was evacuated from liberia last week after testing positive for ebola has died. the priest died at a hospital in madrid where he was being treated. spain received a course of the u.s. made experimental drug z- map. there's no word that the priest
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was treated with that drug. there's new research suggesting a number of pregnant women are overusing antibacterial products. researchers in arizona tested about 200 pregnant women and found it in their blood. both can be harmful to unborn babies. let's go to olga for an update on our yellow alert, when will we start seeing those storms. >> some of us are seeing storms already north and west of town particularly the panhandle of maryland and as this camera panned a little bit you can see the storm clouds here from our michael and son cam. weather track or the day planner is going to hold off on the steady its rain for us until around the 11:00-12:00 hour when we'll start to hear thunder maybe even see lightning as well, and some heavier bands of rain as we get in toward the afternoon and evening. its been a muggy start to the morning at regan national where there's still light rainfalling even at this hour but into the afternoon steadier rain will be the bigger problem for us as we could see some localized
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flooding. back to you. okay olga, we are dealing with some major problems now, the earlier accident we reported in riverdale causing problems for folks on the baltimore washington parkway as we mentioned we are blocking lanes as they try to remove these crash vehicles southbound bw parkway at 450, you can see the red where our delays are all the way back to the beltway so be alert for that. in the meantime, we have a live view of this accident scene. as you can see we continue to block lanes now folks are squeezing by on one side of this accident location at 450 and the baltimore washington parkway. the big deal now will be when will they reopen lanes because we're down to just one lane and a shoulder squeezing by. in the meantime we're dealing with other issues as we go back to our maps we can see now we're doing pretty good on 95 but our travel times are starting to get pretty heavy and will take you about 37 minutes all the way up to springfield. now back to you. fans are mourning the loss
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of comic genius robin williams. he was found dead of an apparent suicide at his california home monday. >> williams got his big break as you remember on mork and mindy and he became major film star in both dramatic roles, patch adams, goodwill hunting. his agent says he was recently battling severe depression. robin williams was 63. nikki has more on williams and his reaction to his death. >> good morning, he was heartwarming and robin williams was just one of those commedians who appealed to so many people making us laugh for more than three decades . it's heart breaking to think over all those years he was making us laugh, he was really hurting inside. the 63 year old was found dead in his home outside of san francisco. williams grew up in detroit and started doing immitations early to amuse himself and went on to school at juliard, and then his
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big break on the tv show mork and mindy, he crossed over to movies with hits like good morning vietnam and mrs. doubtfire, proving to be just as talented in serious roles like goodwill hunting for which he earned an oscar and won three grammy awards and six golden globes and was most recently in a cbs sit com called the crazy one. he fought cocaine addiction and alcoholism over the years though going to lfb>rehab as recently as this year. his fellow stars reacted to the news yesterday. >> one of the greatest, we were all bless today have that experience and those of us who had a chance to work with him are even more blessed. >> as an individual with a lot of heart and compassion. he did a lot of things for a lot of people publicly and privately. >> he was a friend and i admired him and he's a legend and it's unbelievable. >> stars have also been tweeting their condolences and we remember those don't we? robin williams was like no
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other to him, to watch him just to create on the spot was a privilege to behold. robin you are an angel now. williams leaves behind a wife and his three children. his wife released a statement saying she's devastated by the loss of her husband and best friend and hopes the focus won't be on his death but the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions. back to you. >> absolutely reminds you always leave them laughing. he has left us but the laughter lives on. and its turned a spotlight on the mental health aspect. if you're suffering from depression and feeling suicidal we want you to know help is available right now. >> please pick up the phone and call 1-800-273-talk. they will put you in touch with a crisis counselor near you. once again 1-800-273-talk. >> if you are feeling hopeless and depressed you do not have to deal with it alone. 6:05 now. montgomery county police need your help. they are trying to find a 12 year old girl missing. she is jessica leon last seen
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saturday afternoon in the 12,000 block of turkey branch parkway. family members say she may have been headed to northwest d.c. if you have information on where jessica may be please call montgomery county police. police are searching for a suspected murderer wanted for killing a three year old girl. >> kerneshaxe bib was shot and killed sunday at a home inland over. police believe 25-year-old davon wallace was trying to shoot a man who stolen some clothes. they say wallac fire six bullets into the second floor and one hit the three year old little girl and police are searching for davon wallace and the gun used in the shooting. there's a $25,000 reward for information leading to can arrest. trayvon bennett has been found guilty of murdering marquealmost ross who was killed during an attempted robbery as he walked to a high school september 11, 2012. he is scheduled to be sentenced in october and he faces a maximum of life in prison with no chance for parole.
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washington d.c. is one of the worst places for under privileged children to live and grow up. >> wallet hub ranked district second worst state based on statistics like infant death rates, children in foster care and food in security. d.c. either scored worse in the nation or it's in the top five worst places for each category. overall, mississippi was the worst state. virginia was ranked tenth best and not far behind was maryland at 17, that comes to taking care of under privileged kids. new hampshire was the top for taking care of kids. a high end department store is fined and ordered to undergo sensitivity training. facebook users beware. there's a new app which says it can help you change the color of your screen. don't do it. we'll tell you why right after this.
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well, daybreak is in progress, sunrise becomes official at 6:19 but the look here at regan airport you can see visibility down with light rain. day planner will keep the clouds around, light rain through about the 10:00 hour, and then we're going to start to see thunderstorms begin to develop, pockets of heavy rain expected some severe weather may be possible as well.
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back to you. good morning everybody. the baltimore ravens training camp is in its final hours. they wrapped up their last practice with the san francisco 49ers both teams taking a lot from each other as they move on in the preseason and then after practice, the guys had a little bit of fun. now by this point, most of you have probably seen the ice bucket challenge that's gone viral. many of us here at wusa 9 have agreed to be doused with freezing cold water in order to raise awareness of the disease of als. well its made its way to owings mills. this weekend ravens receiver and tori smith challenged kicker justin tucker after he got the ice back and yesterday, tucker gladly accepted and made a rather interesting challenge in return. >> i'm going to call out kim kardashian and her husband. let's do this. >> [laughter]
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>> kim and kanye, we'll see if they can do it. now john harbough has done the ice bucket challenge in honor of oj bergans, who has als. we'll keep you updated. it is 6:12 and time for the first your money segment of the morning. upscale retailer barneys has agreed to pay out more than half a million dollars to settle allegations of racial profiling. >> the new york state attorney general announced that agreement on monday. the flagship store has also been ordered to hire an anti- profiling consultant. last year, several black and latino customers complained they were singled out at barneys as suspected shoplifters. do not click on that fake app. it is a virus. there's an app that claims to change the color of your facebook profile page. it actually though loads malware on to your smartphone
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or computer. according to cheetah mobile security blog post more than 10,000 people around the world have been duped, when facebook users click on the fake app it sends them to a malicious website and asks them to watch a tutorial video on how to change the color of their profile page. if you agree to watch the video the users give hackers access to their profiles letting the app spam their friends too. >> that's driving you crazy and scammers are driving some of you crazy. metro police issued a warning reminding riders never to buy discounted plastic smart trip cards from individual sellers, whether online or on the streets. especially if the card is going for less than its actually worth. >> now police frequently deactivate these types of smart trip cards so it might be worthless when you try to use it. metro says the safest way to buy cards is at the metro rail stations or through the licensed vendors like cvs drug stores, safeway and wal-mart. 6:13. wusa 9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices
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in your area. this morning we're into heading into fredericksburg where the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded is at the citgo on lafayette boulevard. gas will cost you $3.15 according to triple a's mid atlantic website. >> the cheapest gallon of gas on carl dsilver parkway, it there will cost you $3 a gallon. >> still good prices. >> yes. >> compared to others in the area. it is time for another look at our question of the morning. experts say you could save $2500 a year just by doing this every day. is it taking public transit? stashing loose change or packing your lunch? >> good morning to one of our facebook regulars. i am going with c this morning. eating lunch out can be expensive especially in todays world. >> we'll have more of your respon hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30?
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6:17. olga is in for howard bernstein as a yellow alert day and we're going to start seeing really heavy rain around lunch time. >> yes in a couple hours things will be dramatically different than what folks are waking up to and starting out with. it might seem a little bit tame as you go out this morning a few rain drops, a couple wet
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roadways but things could become a little bit more heavy and steady as the day wears on. right now with our doppler radar there's bands of heavy rain but so far its stayed north of the metro area mainly up into pennsylvania, panhandle of maryland, seeing steady rain for oakland, bedford, hagerstown that area but things will shift as we head into the afternoon and yes, we could see some gusty winds as well as these steadier rains and storms move on through. so far so good around the beltway and in fact occasionally we get a little bit of a break from the rainfall and then another wave comes right back through and this is the type of on and off activity we're going to see. the sun is now up officially sunrise at 6:19 and we'll see our skies cloudy all day long and in fact we are under a yellow alert and that's because of the showers and the steady thunderstorms expected into the afternoon. overall though, the temperatures have been remaining steady. we've been sitting at 74 degrees for the last several hours and the humidity is quite
6:19 am
high as well and winds out of the southeast still pumping that moisture in. the day planner will hold off on the stormy weather until about the noon time hour but certainly by the time we get to 12 and beyond, the skies will darken a bit and we'll see some of those gusty winds and heavier cells move on through. so far our temperatures have been mild as you step out this morning you'll find it's really quite comfortable, temperatures en the upper 60s to near 70 degrees and satellite and radar combined you can see just how large this system is. all of this is ahead of a cold front which will be passing through tonight and giving us relief to the mugginess for tomorrow. i stopped our future cast at 12 noon and that's when i think is our best opportunity for some of the first bands of the heavy steady downpours to move on through and notice how it's lining up along i95 basically between the northern panhandle of maryland and down into the d.c. metro. again, areas that are prone to flooding could see localized flooding by later on this afternoon and then off and on
6:20 am
showers again through mid afternoon, your drive time home is hit or miss. some of us will have steady pockets of rain. others will have light rain but definitely be a slick ride home by about the 5:00, 6:00 hour and then steady thunderstorms even tonight as you go to bed. things improve though overnight, partial clear, partly cloudy skies early on wednesday morning but that wind shift for wednesday definitely going to be worth it when we secure out the humidity at last. so our highs today will stay well below average only near 80 degrees inside the beltway upper 70s elsewhere and tonight, still a little muggy and takes awhile for front to move through but you can see the coolest air toward oakland and petersburg where the temperatures are dropping into the lower 60s for most of us we'll stay close to the mid and upper 60s for overnight low, but things will be proving so let's get through this yellow alert day for today. we'll move on to a very nice day tomorrow with sunshine breaking out in the afternoon,
6:21 am
thursday absolutely beautiful, low humidity, temperatures in the lower 80s and a very nice finish to the week for friday and even going into the weekend for saturday as well. angela? >> thank you, olga. we continue to follow this accident southbound bw parkway has quickly turned into a parking lot. our delays will start prior to the beltway and the crash as we mentioned again is at the bw parkway and 450, three cars involved and this is a personal injury accident, so it's going to be there for quite some time. traffic is squeezing by in one lane, but very slowly as we mentioned. now a lot of folks already have taken 50 as an alternate. that's not a good idea for you. let's get a live view of traffic. 50 is dealing with accident location eastbound 202 on the approach to 50. as you can see here in bound 50 we are jamming up as you make the drive toward that accident scene which is also blocking a couple of lanes. so it's going to be a tough drive getting through riverdale this morning. now again, do not try to get on
6:22 am
201. that's not going to be a good alternate for you either. well maybe 201 but if you try to take 410 to 50 what's going to happen is the inbound lanes will be jammed as we get another live look at 50 at 201, showing you those delays this is 50 at 410 i should say showing you those delays inbound the crash blocking two lanes eastbound 202 at 50. the other serious accident southbound bw parkway at 450, so plan accordingly if you have to travel in those areas, otherwise we are looking pretty good as you travel around the beltway no major problems on the north side starting to see a little bit of backing from new hampshire avenue over toga go avenue and also slowing as you approach the lane divide on southbound i270. guys back to you. it's almost back-to-school time but some families won't be able to get their kids all the school supplies they need. so wusa 9 has tecread give joy operation backpacks to get
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school supplies to kids who need it the most. you can give in just a few clicks. here is how it works. click here to give school supplies, scroll down and click a picture of one of the children. well that takes you to the wish list where you can select supplies. if you click here, you can make a donation and when you click here, you'll learn more about the folks you're helping. that's all there is to it. the stores, just a few clicks and school supplies are on their way to kids in our area. why don't you help us give joy?
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welcome back. we have a dreary sky, 6:26 here in the nations capitol and yes, overcast skies and storms on the way, light rain now at regan national temperatures in the 70s headed for a high near 80 degrees, we could see heavy rains and maybe severe thunderstorms by this afternoon. angela? well olga the good news is the crash at bw parkway and 450 have cleared. the bad news st. residual delays. basically a parking lot on the bw parkway prior to the space flight center. be alert for those delays if heading out in the next few minutes. 50 will not be a good option as inbound 50 is jammed between 410 and kennel worth avenue dealing with a crash at 202. a second night of unrest in suburban st. louis where an
6:27 am
unarmed black teenager was fit alley shot by police over the weekend. >> more witnesses are coming forward disputing the account provided by police. >> reporter: police used tier good monday night to breakup an unruly crowd protesting the death of 18-year-old michael brown. at least five people were arrested. the unrest came despite calls for calm from browns parents. >> i don't want no violence. we don't want no violence. >> because michael wouldn't want violence. >> the browns plea came after sunday nights looting andviolence that ruled in 32 arrests. >> we do not rob our cities. we do not do that. we have to use that gas station. we need that wal-mart. >> michael brown was shot to death on saturday during an altercation with police. at least two witnesses said a police officer shot the unarmed teen as he had his arms raised. on monday, community leaders
6:28 am
pledge to keep the pressure on police and find out exactly what happened. >> we're going to stay committed to this so that this never happens again to anybodies child. >> this small group of residents protested in front of the ferguson police department all night to show their support for the deceased teenager. >> dozens of officers patrolled the streets until the early morning but residents promise to continue the protest. cbs news, ferguson, missouri. >> now the officer involved in this shooting has not been identified but is said to be a six year veteran of the department and has been put on administrative leave. now the fbi and u.s. department of justice have opened tandem investigations into the case. more revealing testimony in the federal corruption trial of bob and maureen mcdonnell. >> yesterday two former virginia state employees testified that former virginia governor pulled out a bottle of anablock at a healthcare meeting allegedly promoting that product. the university of virginia
6:29 am
researcher even admitted on the stand monday she felt pressure to submit a grant application for research. rock creek pharmaceuticals which used to be star scientific stopped all sales on monday. former first couple is acused of accepting $16 5,000 in gifts and loans from the then star scientific ceo johnny williams in exchange for political and business gains. it is 6:29. let's take a look outside. you can see it is a dreary day, cloudy one. we're under a yellow weather alert. >> depending on where you are, you are dodging rain drops, olga joins us live with more. olga? >> that's right. i am under the umbrella this morning because we have these showers and even thunderstorms expected to move on in as we head through the middle portion of the day. now this will be off and on rain for most of us. in fact our day planner features the opportunity for some thunderstorms particularly as we head to the noon time
6:30 am
hour into midday and early afternoon. i think that's our best chance to see possibly severe weather whirl through parts of the metro area. for now we have that yellow alert until midnight tonight and will take that long for these showers and storms to pass on through. ankle? >> thank you, olga. we are following that crash in riverdale. the three car collision with personal injury southbound on the baltimore washington parkway. sky 9 is life over the scene. now authorities cleared all the crash vehicles off the roadway. the problem, the residual delays. southbound bw parkway was delays that start prior to the space flight center. inbound 50 not a good alternate for you. we've been distracted there with a crash clean up from an earlier accident at eastbound 202. as you can see sky 9 here though, we are looking at major back ups basically a parking lot sitting still southbound on the bw parkway. a quick look at 50 again inbound 50 at 202 eastbound the crash is on the shoulder but we're still seeing delays, be
6:31 am
alert for those as you head out this morning, mike and andrea? >> thank you, angela. time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> that is why nora o'donnell is standing by live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, we'll look back at the life and legacy of robin williams and charlie rose sat down with the actor they actually did six hours of interviews together so we're going to bring you their most memorable exchanges and then we want to talk to a leading psychiatrist because williams struggled with depression . what more we need to know about then 75 years ago today we went over the rainbow, so jamie wax visits the small town where the wizard of oz premiered and you'll meet one of the first people to ever see the film. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 and you can click your heals on that one. >> [laughter] okay, thank you. the u.s. military is delivering more food and water to tens of thousands of
6:32 am
religious minorities stranded on a mountaintop in iraq. >> president o woman is is showing his support for a fume prime minister picked by iraq's president. the incumbent prime minister is refusing to leave . the united states is urging iraq to form a new government as quickly as possible. the latest 72 hour truce between israel and hamas is still holding. some families held funerals for loved ones killed. u-n officials inspected damage and brought in more humanitarian aid. israeli negotiators are now heading to egypt for talks on a permanent truce. the spanish priest evacuated from liberia after testing positive for ebola has unclear if the 75 year old was treated with that experimental drug from the united states called z-map, the same drug used to treat americans. the serum is being tested in west africa to aid in outbreak
6:33 am
but map biopharmaceuticals says the amount requested by west african officials has exhausted its supply. u.s. missionaries working in ebola infected parts of africa are back in north carolina. christian aid agency says its missionaries who lived in liberia are showing no signs of the virus but they will remain in quarantine for three weeks. health workers say this is the worst ebola outbreak responsible for a thousand deaths in three african countries. 6:33. research is confirming what many of us already knew. there is real power in music. >> from the rocky theme to multiple hip hop anthems we all have songs that get us moving. research now shows certain types of music works bester than others and can actually benefit our behavior and even make us feel more powerful. >> researchers at northwestern university decided to take a closer look at the connection between music and the feeling of power. 7500 graduates from the university were tested with 31
6:34 am
different musical selections. genres included everything from heavy metal to punk rock to hip hop. >> they found that music with high levels of bass made participants feel more dominant and powerful. in one test they were told they could win $5 if they predicted the number that would come up when a dice was rolled. the ones that listened to music with high levels of bass were more likely to want to roll that themselves than others who listened to what researcherpower inducing selection. >> track. wusa 9 and d.c. jobs want to get you hired. fidelity engineering hiring a senior mechanical engineer, a full type position requiring more than three out more go to jobs. >> i have katie perry in my head now. congratulations to our wusa 9 facebook fan of the day. stuart says wusa 9 has been my favorite news station since i was a kid watching sports report with warner and glenn. now i get my sports fix from
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dave and kristin. i try to fit in a little news and weather where i can too. >> thank you, stuart. we want you to become the next facebook fan of the day. this weeks winners get tickets to see jimmy buffet on his this ones for you tour. to enter go to our facebook page, fill out the form and link your
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and we are looking at doppler 9,000 steady rain moving through most of the metro area this morning, day planner keeps the clouds around and yes, chance of thunderstorms as we head into late morning, midday, even into the evening rush. highs will be held to the upper 70s to near 80 degrees. going to take awhile for this to move on through. mike, andrea? maryland comptroller's efforts to delay the first day of school in state until after big step thursday. >> he's organized an event on this thursday in ocean city to kickoff his campaign to delay the start of schoofor the states economy and it would allow family toss spend more time together. he juans to collect 10,000 signatures to support the plan. >> hopefully the weather will be good for that event. some educators are concerned a later start date would reduce
6:39 am
the time teachers and students can prepare for standardized tests. and as parents began shifting their attention to back-to-school shopping many are on the hunt for bargains. >> but before you head into the score grab a pencil and paper to jot down lesli foster's lesson plan. it can help save you some big bucks. >> this mother/daughter money saving duo knows how to stretch a dollar but andrea brown says the first lesson for parents is to scan for any leftover school supplies before they leave home. >> doing that will help you curtail shift back-to-school budget spending. >> list the items you have and decide what you really need to buy from the store. >> this will help you realize how much you can still expect to spend when you go shopping in the store and also kind of having that budget cap in the back of your mind will help you keep the impulse spending to a minimum. >> the annual tradition of shopping for her eight and 18- year-old school age kids has
6:40 am
bought her valuable lessons. >> i kind of comparison shop before i purchase anything. >> according to the national retail federation families will spend on average more than $660 on back-to-school expenses this year. so downloading apps like red laser to your smartphone will help you rack up even more savings. >> it allows you to scan the bar codes on various items so you can comparison shop online prices versus some of the local stores in your area to see whether the better deal is online or in store. >> coupon and retail me not are two more tools that will search and upload coupons to use when you check out at the cash register. broaden your search to save and don't limit yourself to just big box stores like target or wal-mart. >> school supplies are typically cheaper at office supply stores. for example, you can get notebooks and folders for anywhere from 15-$0.30 during take back-to-school promotions and that's a really good deal. >> a new outfit to wear on the first day of school is always a thrill but you don't have to
6:41 am
break the bank to buy a winning wardrobe. shopping in the closet first and purchase only what they need. >> there are a lot of end of summer sales going on right now so you can score deals on basic things like jeans, t-shirts. >> scott lesson here do your homework ahead of time and you'll save on back-to-school all the time. >> that was lesli foster reporting . the savings don't stop there though. consider swapping items your kids don't need with other families so you can stretch your dollars. you still have time to follow your favorite retailers on facebook and twitter too, and take advantage of student distores like apple, dell and microsoft. they lower prices on laptops and may throw in a gift card towards the purchase of other school related items. >> well you probably thought you were helping but all of the antibacterial cream moisturizer you were using could harm your child. ahead, lionsgate with a huge victory in court. wusa 9 is back right after
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yellow alert means it's going to be inconvenient weather as we approach the afternoon. it's already raining in someplaces but as this continues will it be measured indiana . or just a headache for the day? >> i think most of us will get a spattering of rain. the problem with this system as it comes through is there will be pockets of heavy cells and in those areas where we have short intense downpours that's where we have the potential for flooding and some very very inconvenient conditions for most of us as you step out this morning. we're looking at doppler 9,000 all morning long and so far the
6:46 am
steady its heaviest rain has remained north of the area but we expect that to shift as we head to mid morning and early afternoon seeing opportunity for some more widespread showers and zooming in doppler just a little bit close so you can see we had a break and now another band is coming through so light rain as you're heading out and about and a very unsteady pocket of rain in the yellow zone there, beginning to be a little heavy around route 50 heading out toward the buoy area crossing the beltway. things will be a little gloomy and damp. you can see visibility is down although we see the washington monument from our michael and son cam view is definitely going to be an overcast type of day. the yellow alert sticks all day long into the overnight as showers and storms won't taper off until after midnight and we'll definitely see the opportunity for some warming temperatures as we push toward 80 degrees. so the morning commute is going to be wet and messy, the evening commute might be a little bit more tricky as we have more heavier downpours expected to roll on through
6:47 am
between the 5:00 and 7:00 hour. overall though it's going to take awhile for the system to work its way through. our temperatures have been sitting in the lower 70s all morning long, temperatures not a lot of variation from zone to zone and now that's because of the cloud cover keeping things mainly uniform. the satellite and radar shows just how large the system is and again it's the pops of heavier rain through pittsburgh up toward portions of central pennsylvania but for us down here in the southern regions we can expect to see our pop of moisture round about noon time. it is here showing on our future cast hour by hour forecast heavy rain down toward pax river, del marva, and then we'll see a little bit of a lull, break in the cloud cover and sunshine into the afternoon mitching in but then bands moving on through late in the day at 5:30-6:00, heavier pockets of rain even by that midnight hour. going to take awhile but we will clear out overnight and even see some sunshine as you head out and about early on
6:48 am
your wednesday morning. so todays forecast below average, only about 80 degrees from regan national down toward orange, virginia and portions of southern virginia, southern viewing area. tonight is going to be still a muggy night. we're waiting on the wind shift. right now our winds are southeasterly and we'll slowly shift those to the north and west overnight bringing in cooler air, less humidity and makes things much more comfortable. for tomorrow we'll have the opportunity to warm up a little more, middle 80s so if we're getting closer by tomorrow afternoon things will improve when we get into that wednesday and thursday forecast so for the short-term yellow alert for our tuesday, wednesday looks not too bad we start out with clouds in the morning breaking out with sunshine in the afternoon and thursday absolutely delightful. thursday forecast will feature temperatures in the lower 80s, low humidity and the sunshine continues into friday and saturday. the pick of the weekend day is going to be your saturday because we start to build in
6:49 am
clouds by sunday afternoon and even a chance of a shower or thunderstorm late in the day sunday and into monday. angela? >> olga what a busy tuesday morning it has turned into. we are tracking so many incidents. want to start you off with a heads up if traveling through alexandria in the mount vernon region we had a fire truck run into a pole at beacon hill road and anthony street. only minor injuries but will take time to clear that. let's head over to our maps and show you the incident if coming in from fredrick down into germantown, you'll run know a snag, a collision there blocking a couple of lanes. it is causing some major delays but once you get past that point you're looking pretty good. in the meantime we're still trying to recover from the earlier accident we had, a three car crash southbound bw parkway at 450 completely gone but as you can see the back up all the way back past the space flight center on souin the meantime 50
6:50 am
still trying to recover from the earlier crash eastbound 202 on the approach to 50, a lot of bail out traffic from that earlier collision and of course we're seeing major delays inbound 50 from that. let's get a live look at those delays on the north side of the beltway, we're pretty obligatedded to these delays, volume for you all the way from college park as you make your way around new hampshire avenue you'll see many brake lights and those continue all the way to past georgia avenue. now once you avenue it's an easy trip around to the american legion bridge. you shouldn't have any troubles just off and on pockets of delays. let's get another live look at the beltway, actually we're going to look in virginia right now. not too bad for the most part, now northbound delays on 95 begin prior to dale city. you're on the brakes and off the brakes as you cross and of course the heaviest of your delays into the springfield interchange and on to 395 as you head over to çjthe 14th street bridge. andrea and mike over to you. >> thanks angela.
6:51 am
and wusa 9 wants to help you find the best and worst gas prices in your area. this morning we're in ann where the most expensive gallon of regular unleaded is at the citgox on south cherry grove avenue. gas will cost you $3.65 according to triple a's mid atlantic website. >> now the cheapest gallon 7/11 on east college parkway there it costs you $3.41 a gallon. 6:51. time to answer the question of the morning. experts say you could save $2500 a year just by doing this every day so what is it? a) taking public transit? b) stashing loose change, or c) packing your lunch? >> i go along with our facebook friend who wrote c, one can only live on the various dollar menus for so long. >> the answer is c, packing your lunch and mike said if you stop with starbucks all the time even more money. wow. we'll be back.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
her death. the case exposed how gm allowed millions of its cars to stay on the road despite knowing the switch flaws were linked to 13 deaths. melton filed a new complaint saying gm concealed evidence in the initial case. a study finds pregnant women in their fetuses are being exposed to antibacterial compounds which can be harmful. researchers in arizona tested about 200 pregnant women and found things in their blood, about half of the babies tested positive as well. those compounds can be found in soaps, toothpaste and toys and have been known to cause developmental problems in animals. lionsgate entertainment has won an injunction blocking websites from showing allegedly stolen copy of the movie online. more than 2 million people have already viewed the action film on websites ahead of friday's official release. sglionate says the fran choice's previous two films earned more than 575 million at
6:56 am
the box office. well we are in a yellow alert for today, showers already mough, thunderstorms expected this afternoon and this evening, we even may hear rumbles of thunder after midnight tonight before all of this clears out and then nice for wednesday. partly cloudy in the morning, we'll get to sunshine in the afternoon and great to finish out the week, thursday and friday absolutely wonderful. well its been a tough ride out there for most people this morning a live look at 66 and 50 in virginia on the bw parkway seeing major delays southbound between the roosevelt bridge and lemario bridge, the car is into the woods with the crash there. >> wow. cbs this morning is next 75 years after dorothy first clicked her heals in the wizard of oz jamie wax follows a yellow brick road to a small midwest town where the movie first premiered. and are there cancer causing ingredients in your toothpaste? before you brush find out what you need to know . those stories and more on cbs this morning. olga and i will be back in 25 minutes with traffic and
6:57 am
weather. >> get your news, weather traffic 24 hours a day at or just visit wusa 9 facebook page. >> olga and i will see you at noon. >> we'll all be back 4:25 tomorrow morning. have a great day and grab that umbrella. take care everybody. >> bye-bye welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens.
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♪ good morning, it is tuesday, august 12th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." remembering robin williams the life and defining moments of a brilliant and complex performer. a city on edge following another night of violence after police shoot and kill an unarmed teen. plus, political turmoil in iraq as thousands seek refuge from isis militants. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds.


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